Sunday, 20 October 2013

The Bramble Brush - or the problem with converting a pavement into a "cycle facility"

This is the problem with changing pavements into "cycle paths". Too narrow, obstructed by crap like broken glass, wet leaves and thorns, overgrown bushes, certainly not enough space to pass another cyclist. Far too limiting in terms of speed due to widths and the fact you end up having to stop at every side road and wait for motorists to pass.

Its the old attitude of councils that feel cycling will eventually die out. An elephants graveyard of cycling.

There is no capacity for change, or for increased numbers of cyclists. And when these areas do gain increased numbers of riders this leads to conflict, fear and uncertainty in the minds of pedestrians. Facilities such as these may make motorists happier, but thats because it reinforces motoring ideology.

All should be pleased that a rider wasn't thrown under a car as a result of this.

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  1. I ride on the shared-use path which is on my way to and from work. Its quite wide and generally OK, but can be treacherous what with fallen leaves, etc (found a rocker-cover from a car engine, the other day...). My wife gets cross at people cycling on the road instead of the shared-use path (the one I use), and I explain that its because they have to slow for every single exit, entrance, crossing, etc etc, and frankly if I was more confident I'd be on the road too!