Tuesday, 16 October 2012

How's your driving?

Realistically no cyclist is out to get drivers. It makes no sense. We rely on delivery trucks and vans to bring us our goods (whether for home delivery or to the shops we visit). Over 80% of all adult cyclists are drivers themselves.

What does make sense is to encourage a culture where people think ahead and don't just cut up a rider, or force them to one side. Every driver in the land complains about issues of traffic jams, road works and many people about pavement riding - but these can be alleviated when we encourage more people to cycle in our residential and urban areas, even many of the roads further out. I and many others completely agree that cyclists breaking the laws should be dealt with but we have to be sensible about who poses the greatest risk and why behaviours are being altered.

When riders are scared away, either into their cars or on to routes that are not designed or practical for riding then these issues continue.

Advice for cyclists...

Advice for drivers... and HERE...

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